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Soluzioni di Assemblaggio & Meccatronica March-April 2017

Innovation undoubtedly benefits from the integration between industry and the academic world. In collaboration with the major industrial robot manufacturers, some young researchers of the IRAS (Intelligent Robots and Autonomous Systems) Group at ITIA-CNR are working on projects that might pave the way to very interesting applications.
Eng. Loris Roveda is working on a project, named Eureca, part of the Clean Sky 2 Programme, within Horizon 2020, supported by Airbus and the EU. This project started in February 2017 and is supposed to last 3 years.
“The issue is the automated assembly within aircraft cabins, especially the Airbus A320 ones”, explains Mr Roveda. “The chosen system is a multi-robot one, in which a robotic platform…

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